Roger and Wendy S.

We are extremely pleased with the results and are very glad we worked with you throughout the process. I assure you anyone I know in need of a real estate agent will be referred your way.

I think in evaluating real estate agents to sell your house there are three considerations : 1. Marketing 2. Staging Advice 3. Walking through negotiations.
You could start to see the difference when the sign was put in the yard. During the time we sold our house there were at least 10 houses for sale in our neighborhood. None had a sign as prominent as ours. This was just the start, the network and connections are what really made the difference. Jessi made sure everyone knew about the listing. We had approximately thirty showings in thirty days (and three offers). For comparative purposes the house directly next door to ours which is similar not just in location has had 3 showings in three weeks. The difference – our Realtor!
My advice to anyone reading this letter is to listen exactly to what Jessi tells you to do because it works. By following the advice she gave us not only did
we get three offers in less than thirty days but had a very short list of “to do’s” post inspection.
I can tell you first hand that even for an experienced negotiator, selling a house can be an emotional experience. I am convinced that the counsel that Jessi provided allowed us to navigate this minefield and come out not just with an offer but with the best offer. Perhaps most impressively is she was able to give us the advice from the vantage point of “if it were me what I would do” as opposed to someone making a commission if the house sold. The difference was both noticed and appreciated.

In short I would highly recommend Jessi Sgarlata to anyone considering buying or selling a home.